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Goat Registry was created to fill the need for registering "pet goats" and mixed breed goats that are otherwise considered non-registerable. While Goat Registry primarily caters to the pet goat population, all goats despite their breed or background are eligible for registry in the Goat Registry.

Goat Registry establishes a goats identity not only by way of "paper registration", it also establishes a permanent Internet record, thus, the registration never expires. This in itself is very helpful in not only identifying your goat(s) in case they are lost or stolen, but it also places a certain amount of value and proves that a goat is more than just a goat.

Hopefully with the continued growth of Goat Registry and a focus on recognizing certain goats as true pets, we can help change and influence those laws and ordinances that recognize goats as only another form of livestock.

All profits made from Goat Registry are used solely for the ongoing future of Goat Registry and its goals, as well as the ongoing mission of our GoatWorld, Goat 911 and Goat 411 web sites.


Gary Pfalzbot, President Goat Registry and the GoatWorld Network

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