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Why Register?

For many years, goats have steadily increased in popularity in North America. Much of the increase is due to the use of goats for livestock purposes such as meat, milk and fiber. But there has also been a steady increase in the demand for goats as pets, and that is what the GoatWorld Goat Registry is all about!

It is our belief that goats can easily occupy a place as pets not only on bonafide farms, but in neighborhoods as well that are located within a residential setting. However, many zoning laws prohibit the keeping of goats within certain boundaries because for many years, they have been classified as livestock - meant to be kept and cared for on a farm.

There are many great organizations that exist for the purpose of registering, educating and promoting the various breeds of goats they handle, yet, up to this point there has never been an organization that registers goats of the type that the other organizations will not consider for registration.

Creating such an organization is a challenge since the perception of goats is generally based on their production, pedigree and show qualities of which the established associations judge upon. The GoatWorld Goat Registry judges upon the love of the owner for their goat and trying to work to change the perception of the goat as an animal that can be easily adapted as a pet.

With your help, this goal can be accomplished and a community of goat owners whose sole reason for owning a goat is for pet and companion purposes. Together we can present our case to planning and zoning boards. You will be among other like-minded goat owners who will help to achieve the right to keep goats as pets. It will not be an easy task, but it can be achieved.

By registering your pet goat with our registry, you will receive an permanent listing on the Internet as well as a documented paper cerificate of registration which can prove useful in proving ownership as well as giving you a permanent record of your goat.

More Information

  • Increasing the overall value of your goat(s)
      The basic concept about increasing a goats value mainly bases itself from being able to trace back the breeding of any particular goat back at least one or two generations. Goats that are registered through the Goat Registry that do not have at least Sire and Dam history are less likely to substantiate an increase in value.
  • Quick identification
      By documenting your goat(s) both on paper and with an Internet record, these methods provide substantial proof of ownership and physical description. Documentation also helps establish the breeding of your goat and any generation information that is available.
  • A voice for owners of goats as pets
      Becoming a part of an organization that promotes goats as pets rather than livestock will help increase our numbers and subsequently help us establish goats as pets. As pet goat owners, we can band together and present our cases with increased support to law enabling entities.
  • Creation of a searchable database
      Wouldn't it be nice to have someplace to go to reference your goat(s)? This also helps identify those of us who raise our goats as pets and can search for not only other owners but for other pet goats as well, possibly even goats that may be related to your own!
  • A low cost method to advertise...
      There are already organizations that enable the easy saleability of goats, mostly for meat and dairy. Many pet goat owners end up buying from these types of operations instead of one established and geared towards pets. Our organization will make buying a goat for a pet that much easier.

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