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Registering your goats should be a fun event without a whole lot of hassle or problems. In order to make it so, there are always legal considerations to be aware of that not only protect your goat registration, but protect GoatRegistry as well.

Validity and Authenticity of Registration
Many organizations such as fairs and lievstock shows now duly recognize and accept GoatWorld Goat Registry registrations for their events. To be safe, ALWAYS check with show officials to be sure they will accept GoatWorld Goat Registry registrations BEFORE you plan to show or enter your goats. Entry officials are encouraged to check the GoatWorld Goat Registry searchable database for validity and authenticity of said entries. If a goat or assigned registration number does not appear in the GoatWorld Goat Registry searchable database, the registration is not valid.

Assigned Registration Numbers and Markings
Once your goat has been accepted for registration, processed, paid for, and entered into our searchable database, a Registration Number will be assigned. This is the permanent Registration Number for your goat. This Registration Number is not an identification number that is transferable or assigned by any other organization involved in identifying animals such as the proposed NAIS or farm identification program. However, if you have registered your goat with GoatWorld Goat Registry BEFORE you register or identify with any other organization, you are encouraged to use your GoatWorld Goat Registry Registration Number in identifying and registering with any other MANDANTORY program in your state or county.

Accuracy and Reporting
Many times throughout the process of registering it will be reiterated to verify the accuracy of your registration BEFORE we add it to the searchable database as a permanent record. Changing a registry record after it has been processed is not difficult, but if your registration has already been processed and added into the searchable database as a permanent record, and you want to change it, the process from our end is that we must manually change the record and reissue the final cerificate of registration to you (this is the original paper copy that you receive in the mail after registration is complete). Therefore, these changes are time consuming and will incur a fee which is based on the current prices listed on our homepage.

Completing the Registration
To begin the registration process in which we begin building your registration, the registration must be paid for. Before the registration process is complete, as stated above, you must VERIFY that the registration information you submitted is accurate and complete, and that we have correctly entered this information so that it displays correctly on the preliminary viewing page for which we send you a link. You will also be asked during this process to submit two pictures (required) for addition to your registration.

We have experienced a number of individuals who do not clearly understand this process: BEFORE we will mail out or finalize ANY registration, regardless of circumstance, i.e., fair or show deadline, the registration process MUST BE complete, verified for accuracy, pictures added, etc. This leaves a situation in which a registration has been paid for but not completed. No refunds are issued for incomplete registrations and you will be encouraged within reason to complete the step(s) for completion so we can move the registration into the searchable database and send your orginal registration certificate.


Gary Pfalzbot, President Goat Registry and the GoatWorld Network

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