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December 2007 -- We are beginning to add forms that can be viewed, downloaded, printed out and then mailed in. These registration forms are in the Adobe .pdf format which is compatible with the majority of Internet Browsers.
August 2006 -- Please notice that as of August 6th, prices for our registry services have changed.
To avoid further confusion, the price for New Registrations are now $16.00.
Multiple Registrations will still be discounted based upon the number of new registries received in a "batch".
Transfer of Ownership and Registration Updates have decreased from $11.00 to $10.00.
The cost of a Replacement Certificate (sent via postal service) will remain the same at $8.00.

Important New Requirement!!! -- As of August 6th, all new registrations must have at least (2) two photographs of each of the goat(s) to be registered, submitted no later than 45 days after registration paperwork has been submitted and added to our database. This policy will be reflected and further explained in our policies page.

July 2006 -- Updates to the site will continue to be made including fixing some of the non-working links. Since many fairs take place during the summer months, we are happy to announce that several new registrations have been made.

April 2006 -- During this month, the Goat Registry site will be undergoing some navigation changes as well as some individual page changes. As the site begins to expand and more registries are added, other changes will be made as well. If you have any comments or questions, please let us know.

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