"GoatWorld Goat Registry - GWB0001"
Goat Name: Lil' Billy
Goat Breed: Boer/Fainter
Registration: GWF0001
Registered: 01/15/04
Birth Date: 05/05/01
Number in Birth: 2 1 buck, 1 doe
Sex: Buck
Horn Information: Intact
Description: Black and white. Three distinct black patches located on withers.
Tattoo, Identification, Marks, Tag Number: None
Owned By: Gary & Pamela Pfalzbot
City, State: Florissant, CO
Bred By: Gary & Pamela Pfalzbot
City, State: Florissant, CO
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Sire: Stee Vee P
Dam: Thunder (GWB0005)
Sire's Sire: Oak Rail Exotic's Big Red
Dam's Sire: Unknown
Sire's Dam: Sutherlin's Judy
Dam's Dam: Unknown
Under the rules of the GoatWorld Registration Program, the goat described on this page has been accepted for registration. This registration is issued in reliance on the truth of the statements submitted on the application for registry or transfer, but is in no event deemed a guarantee by GoatWorld. If a goat has been admitted for entry or transferred by error, misrepresentation, or fraud, such entries or transfers are void, together with any entries and transfers that may have been made of progeny af any such animals, and GoatWorld assumes no liability for damages arising from such entry or transfer. Changes to this certificate, either online or hardcopy must be approved and rendered by GoatWorld or this certificate will become null and void.


Owner: Gary & Pamela Pfalzbot
Address: 80 - ½ Ouray Drive
City: Florissant
State: Colorado
Zip: 80816
Telephone: (800) 301-6796
Email: gary@goatworld.com

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