"Goat Registry Markings"

Goat Registry uses a specific marking system that is fairly simple to understand. To date, Goat Registry markings consist of 7 or 8 alphanumeric digits. An example of an assigned Goat Registry marking is as follows:

The first two letters of an assigned registration, GW in this example indicate "GoatWorld", the parent organization of Goat Registry. As more registrations are entered into the database, these two letters may change to GR (for Goat Registry) or any other Gx combination. Just to clarify on this, please know that the first letter G will always be constant. In the event more digits are needed, they will be added to the "numeric" portion of the mark.

The third/fourth character letter(s) in a registration indicates the actual breed or combination of breeds of that particular registration. In the example, B stands for "Boer Goat". The following list indicates the third/fourth character significance to date:

Third/Fourth Character Assigned Goat Breed
A Alpine, unmixed
AN Angora, unmixed
B Boer, unmixed
C Cashmere
E Experimental
F Fainter, unmixed
K Kiko
L LaMancha, unmixed
M Mixed Breed
N Nubian, unmixed
ND Nigerian Dwarf
O Oberhasli, unmixed
P Pygmy
S Spanish

Note: this table is not indicative of all marking designations to date.

The remaining numeric digits in a registration marking indicate the actual order in which the registration was received. For example, GWB0001 indicates that this was the very first Boer registration added to Goat Registry. GWN0151 indicates the 151st Nubian added to Goat Registry.

All in all, a very simple system. But the real complexity and intrigue is found in the goats, the registrar, and the registration itself!

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